That’s insane!

That’s insane!

So a fired ex-LAPD cop writes some silly, retarded “manifesto” blaming everyone for his problems then goes out and starts shooting people, including killing cops and a civilian, stupidly lets his getaway car break down and burns it, hides in a cabin in Big Bear, idiotically gets found and involved in a huge battle with over 200 cops, kills another cop and finally bets burned to death in the cabin (so it is believed), most likely because, not impressing anyone with the number of brain cells firing, he had flammable and explosive shit spread out all over the place?

And now I’m reading even stupider, more idiotic (as difficult as that is to believe) posts by both the far right- and left- saying “it was a conspiracy”, “we’re in a police state” and other equally mindless, robotic and highly predictable (from these folks) remarks.

The man was an insane, murdering, cop-killer who blamed others for his own screw-ups and took out his frustrations on those around him. I’m just glad that he saved us the cost and agony of a pointless trial where he’d probably get released, much like OJ, because of some screw-up by the prosecution, by being so stupid as to get himself burned up in the cabin.

I mean, you got a problem with corruption at your previous place of employment? Call the Feds, write a book, get on a talk show, get therapy, whatever. But going on an insane rampage and killing people because you “have to clear your name”? Come on people.

Maybe I should tell you what I really think? 😉

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