Stop acting like fools!

Stop acting like fools!

Okay, the Malaysian officials, US officials and all the other officials need to stop speculating and talking about the missing plane. This isn’t CSI where investigations are wrapped up in an hour or two. This is the real world, and the plane went down (most likely) in an area larger than the United States. That’s several MILLION square miles, and most of it is water. Even when (and if) the plane is found, it will take months if not years to figure out what happened (if we ever do). If the plane is underwater, it could be down several MILES deep. When we find it, it will take time to get down to it, recover the wreckage and put it all together in a staging area.

Malaysia needs to put duct tape over their mouths and shut the hell up and let the searchers and investigators do their job.

And most of all, the asinine press needs to knock it off and report some actual news. These endless daily (sometimes hourly) updates serve no purpose other than to upset people.

Sorry for the rant.

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