One person can make a difference

One person can make a difference

On Sept 26, 1983 Stanislav Petrov saved the world. The Soviet computer systems signaled that a full scale missile attack had been launched from the United States to Russia. According to the computers, a first strike of several hundred missiles was on it’s way to Russia. With literally seconds to decide, Petrov trusted his gut, which told him this was a false alarm, and did not order the counter-strike. If this man had followed standard procedure, twelve thousand Russian nuclear missiles would have been launched and we would all have found out what the afterlife really consists of.

He was reprimanded for not following procedure, took an early retirement and lived the rest of his life in poverty.

That’s how close we can to Armageddon.

Think about that the next time you think a single person cannot make a difference.

(Source: War! What is it good for, by Ian Morris)

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