Maybe if we bury our head in the sand we’ll find water!

Maybe if we bury our head in the sand we’ll find water!

Rarely in my life have I seen such non-confront, business as usual, someone else’s problem as with the drought going on in California. Estimates are California will run out of water in 12 to 18 months. It doesn’t really matter about the weather anymore. The drought is that bad.

Think about California with no water.

What’s being done about it? Voluntary rationing. Some noise from the politicians. A bond is being placed on the ballot in November (all the way in November! to get get the money approved, if it’s approved). Personally, I don’t even know why this would be in front of the voters — this is an emergency.

California has been ignoring it’s water problem for decades. I know it’s a difficult problem to confront and solve.

  • California cannot get more water from the Colorado river as the drought has also lowered that river and the dams to the lowest levels ever.
  • The reservoirs local to California are at record lows. No more water is coming from them.
  • Other local states are also feeling the drought and have no water to send.
  • Farmers and others are pumping water from the aquifers underground at a record rate, but those underground sources are emptying fast.
  • There are no more easy sources of water.

So what’s the solution?

  • Mandatory rationing.
  • Fast track the building of desalination plants (which will require more power plants).
  • Or even more exotic solutions like towing icebergs to the area.

The problem needs to be confronted and solutions need to be in action now (actually years ago) or in one to two years it will be a really bad situation.

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