Letting Go

Letting Go

Sometimes I find I just have to let something go. When Claudia, my late wife, was very sick she could not leave the house. So I searched for things that could keep her mind busy, to help her creative side, so she could have some happiness in spite of the illness. I found a graphics program called Poser 3D and bought it for her. Now the thing about Poser is it’s like a Barbie Doll; once you have the main product you purchase bits and pieces: lips, dresses, shoes, models, clothes and props. With these you build three dimensional scenes and animations (Final Fantasy, the movie, was made with Poser, or so I’ve been told). It’s pretty powerful. Once Claudia passed away I kept the product and kept upgrading it year after year, in the hopes I’d stop and learn it. I bought hundreds, then thousands, of the models and props and such, all with the thought that I’d use it one day. I paid the membership dues each year for the club, which enables purchases at fantastic discounts, and took advantage of all the sales.

I never learned the product. In fact, it’s so complex that it would take months to learn and probably years to master.

Today I finally stopped my subscription to their club and set it all aside. I’ll still keep it, in the hopes that one day I’ll stop and learn the product, but now I’ve stopped spending additional monies.

It’s time to move on….

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