Harassment is not as clearcut as the press thinks

Harassment is not as clearcut as the press thinks

It’s very tempting to let our emotions get control over facts in instances such as with Bill Cosby and rape allegations, it’s also not a good idea to crucify someone based upon stories in the press. Courts of law are the place for that.

When I was a manager one of my female employees reported to me a male employee (both worked for me) had sexually harassed her. I brought it all to personnel as per policy. The guy was going to get fired, but personnel made some calls to her references and found she’d made these claims at ALL of her past jobs with men she worked with. And ALL of those claims were found to be false. Personnel confronted her, and she admitted there was not any kind of harassment. She just wanted to see him hurt. My understanding is it was quite the interview (I was not there) and she was very vicious.

Just sayin’

I don’t know if Bill Cosby is guilty or not. But it would be best to wait for the results of a court of law or a confession before nailing the man to a cross.

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