After many months of using several browsers side-by-side on my home and work computers, I now have a conclusion.

Google Chrome is by far and away the better browser (on Windows, can’t speak for macs).

-It is more secure
-It’s usage of memory and CPU is very good
-It’s updates don’t tend to make the browser unstable (as is a problem with firefox)
-It is super fast
-Everything i use on a day-to-day basis (about 40 sites) works perfectly
-The NoScript extension improves security dramatically (Firefox has this as well)
-The AdBlock Plus extension is wonderful (Firefox’s is slightly better)
-Chrome shoves Flash into a sandbox, which improves security.
-If you really do need to run an IE-Only application, you can load an extension to do it in Chrome.
I could go on and on.

Firefox is far in second place, except that it tends to be very unstable with new releases. Also, Firefox has been plagued with memory leaks causing performance issues and crashes.

I see no reason at all to run Internet Explorer at home.

I didn’t see any reason to use Opera. It’s a good browser, but Chrome is better.

Safari is, as far as I am concerned, useless on Windows.

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