Bodies, who needs ’em?

Bodies, who needs ’em?

There is a simple fact that I have had the immense pleasure of discovering over the last few years.

The biggest lie in the universe is that we are all bodies, we are mud and dust and carbon. Most all of us have bought into that lie so much that we even say things like “I have a soul” at best to “I am just a monkey” to “I am just mud”.


We don’t have a soul. We have a body. We ARE a soul.

We are spirits. We are not bodies.

For now, that’s all I am going to say.

But as we go into this new year, think about what would be different in your life if you simply acknowledged that you are, indeed, a spirit, an immortal being, who is simply using a body. Regardless of your religion, heaven or hell or whatever you believe, what if you really were a spirit?

What would that do to your viewpoint, to your plans for the future, to how you think about the past, to your friendships, and to what you consider important or unimportant?

Would just accepting that you are a spirit change anything? Would the understanding that you might have a past further back than you know change your perceptions and conclusions?

Just think about it.

Food for thought for the new year.

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